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3 Interview Topics You Shouldn’t Forget to Ask

The routine of a typical interview involves a candidate from Jobstreet Malaysia talking about their work history, the recruiter asking questions regarding his strengths and weaknesses and lastly, it all ends with deciding if you should hire the candidate with the hiring team.

Most of the time, your team makes the hiring decision based on the information of the candidate that was already known. Besides learning about their personality, there’s so much more you can do and ask to understand the potential of the candidate.

Instead of sticking to the usual routine, here are some topics you should cover to get the most out of an interview:

Their past work accomplishments

You may have the work history of a candidate, but that doesn’t tell you what their contributions in the old workplaces are. Have they been participating in major projects? Or did they help in any way when solving company problems? Asking about their best work can help you determine the type of culture that allows them to thrive.

You can ask questions if you want to learn more about a candidate’s past accomplishments at work. For example, what are the crucial factors that make them work happy and successfully? What are the positive aspects of their previous work environment? In what kind of work environment do they thrive best?

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Their job structure and work style

Different jobs have different structures, and everyone may not react the same even though they are in the same environment. A creative individual will probably feel trapped in a heavily supervised environment, while a technical person may prefer a system in a more carefree environment.

In an interview, ask the candidate’s preferred role and work style. Ask them if they prefer working alone or as a team, or in what type of work hierarchy do they feel they perform the best.

Their managerial relationships

Knowing how a candidate prefers to work with their managers is essential as it could affect the teamwork and morale in the company. As a recruiter, you have the responsibility of finding out the candidate’s cultural fit based on management styles.

How do they like to be managed? Are their relationships with their past managers good? What is the management style that motivates them? Make sure you ask them these questions when you interview candidates.


Get the most out of your interview by discussing these three topics with the candidate. Having this crucial information will help you make better hiring decisions that will benefit your company in the long run.

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