Low-Cost Facility that Ease your Home Workspace

The home workspace should look attractive and help you increase your productivity compared to any office space, but many people neglect the work atmosphere and convenience that is available which can help eases our work and make us feel likes to be in private office space. So instead of having a sliding table and an uncomfortable keyboard which can cause negative factors that contribute to the difficulty for you to focus, reducing work satisfaction and limiting productivity.

Here, we will share several conveniences that does not require a large cost but can make your workspace more comfortable than any other office space.

Service office space common ground

Getting a More Comfortable Chair

Nearly two-thirds of adult groups in Malaysia have back pain problems and are forced to get expert care. You can solve this problem easily just by getting the type of seat that suits you. In addition, you also need to stop from continuing to sit and move your feet immediately to accelerate blood flow. This will cause you to feel less visible and fresher to prepare your work.


The lamp might be insufficient for you. To avoid your eyes from dry or any problems related to the eyes, you can put a table lamp on your desk to realize the lighting space. In addition, you also should not forget the original lighting source so you can arrange your office table near the window to get the light continuously.

Clean Your Office Desk & Put Some Plants

Familiarize yourself to clean your table before going out to return to the house. This is because cleaning the table will make work pressure decrease and you are more comfortable to prepare work without any problems. And by adding green plants to your workspace, can increase your 15% productivity in the workplace. So, you don’t feel too caught up in the office room while exhaling natural oxygen at the beginning. You may also look for plants that are happy to be guarded and not easily die to be placed in your workspace.

All in all

Most importantly, you need to distance your own workspace from your home office space. Don’t make your office room close to your kitchen or bedroom. This is because it will disturb your focus to prepare work and miss you in doing things that need to be rushed. And don’t be afraid to try or create a conducive and comfortable home workspace to increase your work productivity when you work remotely home. You may get ideas to decorate your home by visiting some shared working space such as Commond Ground Malaysia. You will be happier then, good luck!

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