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The Impact of Mobile Internet on Social Media

Social media sites and apps like Facebook were barely on the scene around a decade ago. But things have changed drastically now thanks to mobile internet with its advancements. The social media landscape has changed, and it also affects the way we approach marketing and business.

Here are some impacts of mobile internet on social media:

Rise of mobile devices and access social media networks

We are at the point of time where people of all ages have access to mobile internet. More than billions of people use mobile devices and have an active social media accounts.More people are also accessing social media networks on mobile devices than desktops these days.

mobile internet digi

Increase of mobile apps

Every action we take on our smartphone is done through a mobile app. In fact, it’s not strange to say that there’s an app for everything. For example, we can pay our bills, edit our photos, share documents and reserve a table at a restaurant with mobile apps.

A rise in mobile advertising

Since everyone’s on the platform, it only makes sense to conduct businesses and advertising on mobile. Thanks to the mobile internet, we have social media ads and businesses running on social media networks. For example, almost all businesses have a Facebook page these days.


Mobile internet has created many impacts on our lives and the way we interact with people. Different aspects of our lives such as communication, business, lifestyle are all now related to mobile internet, and it will continue to be this way in the future.

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